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Soft and naturally sweet, the new raspberry edition is subtly fruity, and nutritional comfort fuel at its very best.

Still with more nutrition than any porridge on sale, still with the fast-acting easy energy to power you through 2 hours of sport‡, and still with our class-leading Omega 3 levels, packed with 50% seeds and nuts. But now with the moreish deliciousness of carefully selected organic dried raspberries. We’ve tested so many variations of this recipe, and we can’t claim they were all for the good of the job.

  • 100% organic wholefoods
  • 50% organic seeds and nuts
  • 18 Organic vitamins and minerals
  • 13g Organic wholefood fibre
  • 16g complete protein*

*Per 76g serving as recommended for marathon distances +

‡ Anecdotal feedback from athletes and analysis of scientific data from ingredients

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