Super Food Porridge for Awesome Humans

50% ground organic seeds & nuts. no sugar. no salt.

(The other 50% is pure organic oats & organic bran fibre.)

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Proudly groud and mixed in Bedford Suitable from 6 months Mixed with your choice of warm milk in seconds
  •  100% Vegan

  •  Rich In Good Proteins

  •  100% Organic

ROAR in a nutshell

ROAR Porridge™ is a wholefood, nutrient-rich, instant porridge. It is simply 50% freshly ground organic seeds & nuts – the rest is freshly-ground organic wholegrain oats and bran fibre. Our porridge contains absolutely no processed stuff – there is nothing in it that you can’t buy at a health food shop

It’s high in good protein, low in hassle; all good.

We top ours with blueberries, seeds and maybe a drizzle of honey. (If we’re feeling fancy). Rufus, our founder’s son, likes his topped with a small train or a dinosaur he’s found on the floor.

Our ethics 🌍🌳

At the core of ROAR: we have always believed very strongly in creating a product that is ALL good. Good for people, good for the environment. Sustainable. Consciously sourced.

We have (slightly obsessively) researched all the ingredients and packaging, at every point being as resourceful as possible.

Our products are all freshly ground to order, then stored in recycled glass jars. No plastic in sight. Our jars then stay with the cafe which, when empty, are washed and reused when we top-up. Never landfilled. Our scoops are metal and don’t need replacing. Our mail-order bags are truly bio-compostable, and our stickers are made from responsibly sourced paper and water-based inks. We deliver our local supplies by bike too. Our intent is to avoid landfill, pollution and harm at every conceivable point in our food chain. We promise to always be honest, transparent and to share the journey.

What's Inside


Too many benefits to list! But more stable energy levels + reduced risk of asthma are two!

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Stuffed with phytochemicals & omega 3 to boost brain development.

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Helps to feel fuller for longer whilst stabilising blood sugar.

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Bran fibre

Basically it helps prevent death. We kid you not!

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Pumpkin Seeds

Packed with Tryptophan to improve moods & help improve sleep!

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Sunflower Seeds

Packed with selenium to help fight cancers.

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Chia Seeds

Nutritious superfood builds stronger bones.

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Ancient superfood omega-3 + high levels lignans which fight free radicals.

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