Seed Powered Performance Porridge.

Sustainable. 100% Natural. Fast.

We are the only fuel on the market which gains 100% of our high nutrition & plant protein entirely from grinding seeds, nuts & grains fresh to order.

Oh, and it’s fast to make, fast to digest.


50g of ROAR


100ml of Milk


For 2 hours

We started with a simple vision:

That Performance And Nutrition Can Be Better For Everyone.

That fuel can taste better, do better, be better. Better for body, mind, endurance, performance and environment. We were fed up with compromise at the expense of our planet we love so much. So we set out to create the tastiest, healthiest, most responsible fast pre-sport fuel on the market. And we have. We’ve made no compromises for you. It’s all good.

“ROAR has transformed my fuelling strategy in training and racing. It’s the foundation of my morning; I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to run without it!”

Matt Bagwell. Ultra endurance athlete, Founder of Run The Country


Our flavour editions are selected with the same forensic process as our ingredients. Taste, sustainability first. They are subtle, don’t distract from the pairing of our seeds and nuts, yet add a morish ohokonemoreservingandthenIwillheadout-ness. (Unsure that’s a word) We have 3 regular editions, and one limited special edition.


We make our products in one go, once a week on a very busy Wednesday, from the orders we’ve received. This ensures that your ROAR is totally fresh, eliminates all food waste whilst keeping carbon emissions to a minimum by shipping in one weekly mega batch.

“The difference it made to my mental wellbeing and endurance on a long run was staggering. This is why I pivoted the entire business to focus on performance.”

Graham Watson. Distance buggy runner, cyclist, and founder of Roar.