£9.99 | 450g

Get set to serve up a winner of a pre run/cycle/swim/work fuel with our Limited Edition Strawberry Wimbledon special, and give yourself the advantage on your next venture.⁠

Our popular Original edition, with real freeze-dried organic strawberries. No flavouring, additives or sweeteners. Just pure real food designed for every body, tested by athletes.

Smash in more nutrients than celebrity guests in the final week at Wimbledon; guaranteed to power you for longer than playing a match against Rafa. ⁠

100% wholefood, ground fresh each week, and packed with a WHOPPING 50% ground seeds & nuts to digest easily, quickly with long lasting steady energy for two hours‡⁠

Designed for anyone who needs long lasting energy, without any artificial ingredients, just real food designed for human performance to naturally fuel your body and the brain.⁠

Early calculations are establishing that we pack more nutrients than any other fuel on the market weight for weight. Now THAT’s ace…⁠

Seed-powered performance you can love.⁠

Net yourself a bag today.⁠

  • 100% organic wholefoods
  • 50% organic seeds and nuts
  • 18 Organic vitamins and minerals
  • 13g Organic wholefood fibre
  • 16g complete protein*

*Per 76g serving as recommended for marathon distances +

‡ Anecdotal feedback from ROAR athletes and analysis of scientific data from ingredients

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